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Our mission is to create, promote, and educate an effective community of Central Asian & Turkic Cultural Studies practitioners and scholars. Through events that bring Central Asia to the fore and stimulate further dialogue, the center(s) bring life to the culture of Central Asia in the Greater Boston Area and in the USA
The Turkicstan Center(s) intends to advance Central Asian & Turkic Studies research, knowledge, project approaches, and methodologies while representing and uniting people from Central Asia, specifically Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and other Turkic ethnicities of unique cultures of related heritage
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Cultural Activities
The Turkicstan Center responds to the social and cultural needs of Central Asians and other Turkic countries. We appreciate our common values and promote cross-cultural awareness that is based on mutual respect and understanding of Central Asian cultures in the Greater Boston Area and beyond by bringing everyone together
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Non Profit for Education
Organize educational activities, seminars, professional and personal development courses, guest lectures, festivals, art performances, and cultural movie screenings
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Our projects
Scholars' Conference on Central Asia

Western and Asian Geographical Views on
Kazakh Khanate and its Adjacent Regions/
The Premier of Kenzheakhmet’s book
Central Asian Instrumental Show

A concert of national instruments of Turkic-speaking countries in the Greater Boston Area
Central Asian Fashion Show

A fashion show of national dresses of Turkic-speaking countries in the Greater Boston Area
A trip to Central Asia

We organize a professional 19 days trip to Central Asia
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We want to thank every volunteer who has the wish to implement projects together

Zhibek Orozbekova works as an IT Engineer in a California-based Startup Company. Her technical expertise lies in automating processes, optimizing infrastructure, and ensuring seamless software delivery. Zhibek holds a strong position regarding any Human Rights violations. She used to be an official representative of Rita Karasartova during her Presidential campaign. Rita Karasartova one of the main Human Rights Activists in Kyrgyz Republic. Zhibek values family values and traditions. As a mom of a toddler, she wants her son to know his roots, the history of Kyrgyzstan, and Central Asia culture. She is eager to contribute her skills and experience to a TurkicStan that shares the same values and commitments.

Nilufar Qahorova is founder of Center for Clinical Research and Innovation and co-founder of Uzbek American Medical Association. She is experienced in strategic business planning in healthcare, safety risk, and healthcare improvements. Over the last 10+ years, Nilufar has participated in several development projects focusing on Primary Care Improvement and Health Care Quality initiatives. She believes in creating a positive environment in which every person can grow and progress within their community. She aims to improve the well-being and social standing of Uzbek and Central Asian diaspora in the US, and connect experts to collaborate and provide resources and skills needed to implement transformative solutions for social, educational, and health care challenges not only in Uzbekistan but Central Asian countries as well.”

Assel Zhamankulova is a professional IELTS/TOEFL trainer accredited by Cambridge University English Language Assessment. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ), where she combined her studies with volunteer work by promoting Kazakh culture within American Society. Overall, her teaching experience sums up to 10 years of working at Interpress IH language center and the UK’s British Council. The last several years she dedicated to developing her own language school Eloquent. In Boston she is supporting her husband, who is pursuing his Master’s degree, while working on her educational projects including a teacher training course in preparation for DELTA. At the same time, she tries to participate actively in life of Kazakh society as a social media manager and grant writer of the Turkicstan Center.
Prof. Nurlan Kenzheakhmet is a research scholar at Harvard University. His research focuses on archaeology and the history of Central Asia. At the Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University, he works on European-Chinese imperial maps and gazetteers related to the Qazaq Khanate and its adjacent regions in the 17th to 19th centuries. He serves as a co-president of the TurkicStan Center Inc.

Zhanat Zhapparov is an M.Ed in ESL, an ALM in Math for Teaching, an Ed.D candidate in Higher Education Administration, and a former instructor in K-12 STEM education. Zhanat is passionate about education, college counseling, data science, computer programming, motion graphics, and cinematography. He is the founder of the Central Asian Student Association at Harvard University, president of IVY Standard Educational Consulting LLC, and co-president of the TurkicStan Center Inc. Although he is involved in numerous businesses
Rauan Yerulankyzy has a Master of Science degree in economics and specializes in project management, sustainable growth, and nonprofit organization. She has 15 years of experience in strategy and budget planning in the national companies of Kazakhstan and other international organizations. For about ten years, she worked as a consultant at Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Program, and United Nations Food.
Makpal Kadyrbayeva works as a mentor and coach at Boston Education and Counseling. She has also worked as a mathematics teacher for two years in an after-school academy and served as the director of the weekend school at the Kid's Academy in Massachusetts. Additionally, she has mentored high school students for college readiness and is involved in organizing social networking activities for Muslim students in the Greater Boston Area.
Malika-Budur Kalila is a broadcast and digital media journalist. She earned her M.S. degree in broadcast and digital journalism from Syracuse University. Malika also studied Economics in Turkey for three years and earned her B.A. in Communication from Niagara University. Malika has a comprehensive journalism experience at famous media outlets such as NPR affiliate WAER in Syracuse and international television network CGTN in Washington DC. She has traveled to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan as a member of two multimedia reporting teams...
Nurpatsha Seidakhmet completed a Master's degree in Data Analytics at Boston University. He took on the role of Coordinator at Volunteer FISU Almaty in 2017. In 2018, Nurpatsha secured a position as a Project Specialist through the UNDP's Small Grants Program. Following the completion of his Bachelor's degree, he began working as a data analyst at Kazakhtelecom from 2019 to 2021. Presently, he serves as a research analyst on a UN project with RICA and holds the position of Secretary at the International Kazakh Language Society.
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We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded generous grants from Incorporation for our festivals & project applications. These grants testify to our commitment to enriching cultural experiences and projects in our community. With this support, we can continue to grow and enhance our festivals and projects, ensuring they have a positive and lasting impact on our society.

~ Massachusetts Cultural Council ~

~ Museum of Fine Art Boston ~

We are proud to participate in Mass Cultural Council’s Card to Culture program in collaboration with the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Department of Public Health’s WIC Nutrition Program, the Massachusetts Health Connector, and hundreds of organizations by making cultural programming accessible to those for whom cost is a participation barrier.

All Turkicstan Center programs and events are free for families of EBT card holders. They also receive a 50% discount on everything on sale (meals, gifts, souvenirs, etc.) See the complete list of participating organizations offering EBT, WIC, and ConnectorCare discounts.

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Turkicstan Center Inc

Turkicstan Center is a Cambridge-based tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit and non-governmental organization. Grounded in Turkic traditions, it aims to lead professional education and research in advancing Turkic studies, culture, and community wellness in the Greater Boston Area. The center brings life to the Turkic cultures and traditions by organizing cross-cultural art performances, events, festivals, social gatherings, fashion shows, cultural movie screenings, and educational activities.



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